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About Us

Welcome to Bendigo Country Clothing.

We are a Bendigo-based family company who travel to Farm Field Days, Rural Shows, Camping Shows, Musters and other Country Festivals across Eastern Australia. You can drop in and see either Dave and family, or Peter and Jenet, at one of the events we attend, as listed on our Visit Us page.

Bendigo Country Clothing has been supplying rural, outdoor and country products to Australians since 1997. Before this we worked in outdoor clothing manufacturing, so we know our clothing is of high quality and aim to provide nothing but the best. Our products can be purchased through two teams at a listed event, or online however only a portion of our products are available via the website. As we do NOT have a retail outlet in Bendigo you can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our Newsletter to find out when we are coming to your area.

We are passionate about providing great levels of service, and endeavour to supply products that are both stylish and functional. Bendigo Country Clothing's aim is to deliver a high quality range of clothing and apparel which will benefit people's lives as they experience being outdoors in God’s Great South Land. BCC hold the belief that we are ALL living to help and better the lives of others.

We hope you enjoy our products and don’t forget to check out our own brands “Bendigo Clothing Australia” (R) and “BULLDUST” ™.​ If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


David North (Founder)